Attention Students!
* Take a stand for life! *

Win: 1st place - $1000; 2nd place - $750; 3rd place - $500

College Speech Contest

Research one of the issues below and make a 5-7 minute presentation before a panel of Judges:

*Abortion  *Euthanasia  *Morning After Pill  *RU486 Pills  *Breast Cancer/Abortion Connection  *Embryonic Stem Cell Research   *Black Genocide

Contest location:
Grace Presbyterian Church
1084 N. Irish Rd.
Davison, MI
(Just north off I 69 on your right)

All contestants must be residents of the State of Michigan!

Click below for an application or contact us for an application at:
Flint Area Right to Life & Americans of African Descent
G-4482 N. Genesee Road, Unit C, Flint, Michigan 48506
Phone: (810) 250-0218; Email:

Contest Date:  Saturday, May 19th commencing at 10:00 AM:
Entry Deadline:  May 14th, 2018

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