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Visit the newest educational/pregnancy resource center in Flint:

IMPACT Pregnancy Resource Center

A Branch Ministry of the Kingdom of Heaven Ministries under the direction of Dr. Lonnie Brown

Executive Director: Lady Frances Brown

2585 Lavelle Road
Flint, MI 48504
(Just south of Pasadena)


Call today at: (810)  444-7298

We're reaching out to men and women in crisis with loving options.

More than just a pregnancy resource center!  We offer free parenting

classes, Bible Studies, classes in the Royal Diadem and opportunities

for women to find hope in the midst of their crisis!



The genocide threat to Americans of African descent continues to be one of the most significant problems facing black Americans today. While black women of childbearing age made up only 13% of the population in America, they accounted for 35% of the abortions in the last report done by the U.S. Center for Disease Control. Tragically, nationwide, black women abort three times more often than women of other races making abortion the #1 killer of Americans of African descent.

In Michigan, black women accounted for 49.7% of all abortions in 2015 while white woman accounted for 44.1% of the abortions. Black babies are dying in the womb five times more often than babies of all other races combined in Michigan because Black Americans in Michigan only account for 14.3% of our population.

Most abortion clinics are intentionally placed in predominantly poor neighborhoods. In Flint, they are located at:

The old Diplomat Plaza on Flushing Road &
Planned Parenthood on Beecher Road

The number of abortions in the black community is even more frightening when it is compared to the total number of deaths from all other causes combined. Since 1973, over 15 million black babies have died from abortions, more than the total of all other causes of death.

We are working to provide educational materials to help Black Americans recognize the threat that black genocide poses through abortion.

See our "Related Links" for websites to learn more about abortion in Black America and the truth about Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, a racist with ties to the KKK.

If you would like to be a part of our outreach to Americans of African descent, please Contact Us.

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